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Wallflower Santa Cruz

Visible Mending Workshop

Visible Mending Workshop

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Do you have a favorite pair of denim that need a little mending or strengthening? This workshop is an opportunity to give your clothes new life and recharge yourself at the same time. You’ll learn to mend holes with the meditative repetition of slow stitching. This is a functional and decorative way to revive worn out fabrics by increasing strength and maintaining softness. These techniques can be applied to most fabric, not just denim. We'll cover internal and exterior patchwork, the neat or frayed technique of mending holes, and practice the boro stitch. You are welcome to bring your own garments to patch up or I'll have materials to practice with. Fabrics for patchwork, embroidery thread (white, blues, red) and tools will be provided. You're also welcome to bring your own materials. 

The simple and mindful act of mending is rewarding. Slow stitching gives us a chance to relax and unravel our thoughts. Mending allows us to connect with our clothes in a different way. We treat them less as disposable items and more like something to be taken care of and treated well. The more we handle fabric and thread the better we are at identifying well-made garments. Let us be more responsible consumers, in the spirit of living more sustainable and low waste. 

This class is hosted by Terra, Wallflower shop owner. 

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